The Suns Also Rise

Lisa Waugh 

Meet the Sun brothers and their cool project, Chinatown: A Graphic Novel. They hit their $11,000 goal in record time. They still have six days to go and have raised $15,123 after an extended “stretch goal.”

See more of Brad and Wesley’s work at

The two brothers grew up in Orlando on a steady diet of Jackie Chan movies, Darkwing Duck, the culture of their Malaysian parents and comics.

Their style is a mix between American comics and a cool yet warped take on traditional Chinese ghost stories. It’s stories like this that make crowdfunding cool. More great stuff in the hands of its intended audience.

The Tax Man Cometh

Not to be Debbie Downer but I do wonder if the IRS tracks these projects. Coming up in our What the Fund?! section, we’ll discuss just that topic.

As a veteran freelancer, I know that the IRS has turned the screws tighter with each year’s filing and what you owes relies heavily on your knowledge of write-offs and quarterly taxes. Plus, write-offs change every year. Anyway, I’m rambling but just wanted to toss that out there. Below, check out Wesley Sun (the brother that talks the most and Communications Director, Brad’s the artist) talk about their amazing feat with Kickstarter.

Here’s the description from their Kickstarter page: 

Chinatown blends together strong elements of magical realism, adds in some trippy psychological horror, and finishes off with memories from our own cultural experience. For the small, frightened community of Chinatown, a missing girl ushers in not only panic—but an onset of the truly strange and bizarre. In Chinatown, there’s just no telling what lies skulking in the dirty streets and back alleys.

We can’t wait to show you Chinatown. All our hard work is finally at an end—and once we’re funded, we’ll get the book right into your hands. Our final product will be perfect bound and printed in standard comic dimensions. It’ll feature a heavy card stock cover and over 100 full color interior pages on high quality paper with vibrant inks. Every word and every page and panel is hand illustrated at the drawing table to create a rich, gripping atmosphere.

We wish the brothers well and can’t wait to see the final product!