Sugarfish – Marina Del Rey

I get it.  A sushi chef has spent years perfecting his craft and brings his skills and fine palate to SoCal. What I don’t get is how that can be sustained throughout all of the many locations.

Clean and quaint but the staff could un-bougey itself a know...because they're in a strip mall

Clean and quaint but the staff could un-bougey itself a bit…you know…because they’re in a strip mall

And for me, it wasn’t.

Went for lunch one weekday afternoon. I got the snobbiness to a certain degree. After all, Sugarfish is positioned in a hoity toity strip mall in Marina Del Rey. Yeah, it’s wedged into the same place as a Sunglasses Hut and a California Pizza Kitchen.

The 12 edamame layed out on the plain white plate was funny. The overpriced saki was amusing. The rolls and sashimi were pretty meh. The bill was 84 fucking dollars. We left hungry and irritated. And went to George’s Burgers.

Many people are rabid about Sugarfish. I guess I’m not frothy about much but this place doesn’t make the list.

Still, I’ll go back with one of my rabid Sugarfish fan friends. Sometimes experiencing something through another can make all of the difference.