Stubbs & Romero: The Walking Dead meets The Wire

Grant Baciocco, Chris Sheets and I were standing in my backyard a couple of years ago. We were shooting an entry for the GoDaddy commercial competition. I had won with my spot Go Momma in 2010 and thought I’d give it another shot. At the time, Grant and Chris,  (along with Jayne Entwistle – “Zelda”) were doing a run of Zombience with their troupe at the Improvatorium in Hollywood, an improvised comedy zombie musical. Yeah. It was as awesome as it sounds.

A friend of mine had told me about this amazingly hilarious cast. She had me at “zombie musical.” So it was only natural that I would want to use this cast for the next spot.

As Grant and Chris stood there in their ripped up suits and zombie make-up during a lunch break, Grant motioned me over. He and Chris had this idea… “Zombie detectives?” Grant says. “Book ’em, Dano!” Chris says in a zombie voice. It made perfect sense.

I should note that our GoDaddy spot, Opportunities, featured them as two clever zombie con artists trying to lure people to their lair with fake websites. We didn’t win the competition but we did end up with this awesome series. And I ended up with some pretty talented and delightful friends.

For Stubbs & Romero, we decided to forego the contact lenses because we didn’t want to blind Grant and Chris. We’re nice like that. After Grant and Chris sparked the idea, I jumped in with the idea of a Dexterkind of character (Adrian Flowers) who is the only guy on the force who thinks something’s not quite right with the new guy. Adrian, like the rest of this cast, is hilarious as Bankes.

Grant Baciocco and Chris Sheets as Stubbs and Romero

Does the series make sense? Not really. Does that matter? Not at all. Our MacGuffin is completely random. Our sole purpose is to entertain you. Plus, we wanted to get some mileage out of those suits.

We hope you enjoy the web series. The first episode premiered today on our YouTube channel. You can also find out more about the cast and crew at

The second episode will air on our YouTube channel tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. PST.

The third episode will air on Monday, Oct. 29th, the fourth on the 30th and the final and fifth will launch on Halloween morning. I’m glad it’s finally out there for our friends, family and zombie lovers to see.