The Stories That Digg Dug This Week

As a lover of Digg, I thought I’d share some links to the best stories this week as I prepare next week’s stories. Lazy? Not really. Digg does it every day.

Department of Deportment: The End-All, Be-All Guide to Using Your Phone at the Table

Via Digg via New York Magazine 

 Excerpt: But such extreme measures are unlikely to succeed, and the use of phones at the table should be a matter of etiquette, not law, so here is the definitive road map to using your phone at the table.

23 Ancient Web Sites That Are Still Alive

Via Digg via Gizmodo

 Excerpt: Do you know that Altavista, the omnipotent web search platform before Google awakened, is still online? Okay, it’s integrated into Yahoo, but the domain and the interface is up and running. Just like HotBot! Anyone remember HotBot? And LycosWebCrawler?

The Many Insecurities of Taylor Swift

Via Digg via The New York Times Magazine

Excerpt: Do boyfriends ever say, “Look, whatever happens, just don’t write about me”? 
The only time that has ever crossed someone’s mind was when we were in the process of breaking up.

When a Name Brand Just Won’t Do: Hollywood’s Best Fake Products

Via Digg via

Excerpt: ISS is one of the most prominent Hollywood prop supply companies, among the largest (more than 1 million pieces inside its main prop house) and oldest (35 years old). The company’s Burbank location sounds like film nerd paradise. It’s a few hundred-thousand square feet of props being constantly created, stored, and procured.