Space Cadets

By Stephen Chowspace-cadets

Space Cadet’s self-titled album is solid. It’s breezy, hard edged, silly, real (well, real for three young white dudes), and very well crafted. Zachary Wexelman’s vocals made me a believer from note one. Dan Creed and John Cocco help shape the hip-hop, pop, and R&B project.

On one hand, Space Cadets are three LA bros, bro-ing it up. On the other hand, they don’t suck. Their video  for “Kissing” totally captures that whole guys hanging out thing. See, they made me write totally in a review. Totes. Part of me wants to kick their asses and more of me wants to see what they’re up to tonight. Hey, I’ve got weed. Good weed. Seriously, where ya’ll hanging out?

Jimmy Buffett has made a decades long career out of encouraging people to get drunk and screw as well as saying “fuck it” to shoes. These guys could be the Jimmy Buffett of brocore. And I say this with all sincerity and not the least bit of fuckery.

They have talent. This is what makes me like them and hate them at the same time. This is also why you should listen to this EP and tell me what you think. I have smoked A LOT of weed today while binging a shit ton of Workaholics. So I may have contaminated the sample.



Zachary Wexelman – Vocals, guitar
Dan Creed – Bass, backing vocals
John Cocco – Drums

Opra Studios in North Hollywood, California
Engineered, mixed, and produced by James Ingram
Mastered by Brian Lucey

2. For A Little While
3. Fam
4. Kissing