Sound Strider’s ‘Intrepid Travels’ Explodes the GPS

by Lisa Waugh

Sound Strider is the score of a surrealistic landscape at the deft hands of a mind explorer. Sound Strider’s self-promotion can be on the ridiculous side with his description of his latest EP, Intrepid Travels describing it thusly: “unique brand of haute sonique from on the finest waveforms hand picked from the data forests” but you got to admire the cheek.

Sam Waks is the main brain and mainframe behind Sound Strider. His goal…realize the full potential of IDM, intelligent dance music.

The tracks from his Intrepid Travels EP are refreshing and full of technical shimmerings, at times full of brilliance. This is a massive piece of sonic artillery by Waks that conjures a bit of James Bond mixed in with a piece of Monument Valley western sky by way of the streets of Paris around 2 a.m.

The EP can easily make the journey from Burning Man to your neighborhood club or plumb the mainstage at a teknival. There’s psychedelic salt, drive, wit, bendable waves and the tastiest of data.

Waks’ describes his EP as “pure psychedelic ethno-trigga funk for the information generation” but he need not hype any further than simply letting an audience use their ears.

With Intrepid Travels, the blast of the bbm and the trob deep in the belly of that beat is the thing.

Sound Strider recently released a music video for “Prometheus”, a track he collaborated on with Miriam Waks. The video was directed by Lincoln Kristina Chan.

Intrepid Travelers tracklisting:

Menlo Park
Childhoods End
The Stakes

Production: Mastering by Tarekith