Solo Artist Breaks the Sound Barrier with ‘In Silence’

by R.B. Sloane

Burak Ozmucur’s In Silence

Burak Ozmucur

Burak Ozmucur

Burak Ozmucur’s music can be hard, high energy and vocally hard core but his new EP In Silence lets him explore his melodic side, a slight departure from his usual heavy metal sound. In Silence is an ethereal and winding, down tempo record full of contemplation.

Ozmucur’s music can be beautifully heavy, perfect for a movie score or something new to play at a chill party. In Silence is no different. Multiple layers of reflection make the record a great listen.

As a solo artist, Ozmucur is extremely versatile and has managed to do as much work, if not more, than an entire band. Work that stems from one source can’t help but benefit from this one-thought method. That’s why In Silence sounds so personal.

Let’s look at the tracks on In Silence:

“The Departure” is a heavily and moody melodic.

“Far” is a driving anthem. Dark metal at its best. The guitar riffs are especially satisfying.

“The Clouds” feels dangerous and ready for the movie screen.

Burak Ozmucur: vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming

In Silence Production:
Written, produced, and mixed by Burak Ozmucur
Mastered by Luke Martin at Versed Audio

In Silence Tracklisting:
The Departure
The Clouds