Sluka: Colorful Radiation

By Lisa Waugh

Christopher Sluka has been an entertainer and artist since he first jumped into the same pool with fellow musicians Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, Simple Minds, and INXS. And he hasn’t ever gone away or taken a break. He used his time well across nearly a dozen albums and decades touring and choosing new homes to wring the very essence out of life. Because of this, Sluka’s accumulated a following across the world.

Sluka’s appeal is that he’s embraced many styles, genres, and cultures along the way that seem to resonate with fans. His thing seems to be… Always evolving. Always the enigmatic showman.

On his latest record Colorful Radiation, Sluka offers up his unique point of view. All the tears, joy, and pain are accounted for. All the miles and the rotations of the earth have been tallied.

The madly astute nomad has made a place for himself where ever he has chosen to roam. His music very much reflect that. Colorful Radiation doesn’t follow any one set path. Sluka allows the music to wind and fall where it happens to. The record is far from chaotic, though.

Sluka’s message is clear enough, at least to me. Live your life as best you can, push up and out and make space for it.

* Sluka has recorded 11 studio albums and a Blu Ray video album of 2016’s “Introversions.” All ten songs will be part of a visual album shot in 3D and have been released as a combo 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray package on Amazon.

“Number One”

Christopher Sluka – Guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, trumpet, trombone, French horn, ukulele, synthesizer

Recorded & Mixed by Christopher Sluka
Mastered by Joe Goodwin at Bellwether Mastering

Colorful Radiation Tracklisting:
Number One
Tease Me
A Mode of Joy
Slinging Slights
Cold War
Visceral Repercussions