Slim Loris Are Back and Full of ‘Love and Fear’

by Lisa Waugh

Slim Loris: Love and Fear

Slim Loris: Leon Ra Lindström, Robert Barrefelt, Jonas Ellenberg and Mattias Cederstam

Slim Loris: Leon Ra Lindström, Robert Barrefelt, Jonas Ellenberg and Mattias Cederstam

The evolution of Slim Loris has been a satisfying journey. Their latest and third record, Love and Fear, puts the Stockholm-based band on an interesting high road. They sound commercial. They sound new. And hopefully, Slim Loris are learning that maybe they don’t need an edge to grab ears or press. Be original. That will take you far.

I’m also not into the notion that Slim Loris are some kind of reincarnation of a former musical movement from a country that is not Sweden. What’s wrong with coming from Sweden? Especially when music lovers are looking for the freshest take, a unique point of view. Does anyone believe that music has to come from either the States or England to be the shit? I don’t think so. Conjuring the past… This kind of thing doesn’t matter. Slim Loris are simply a band with a real and sustainable future who make good music.

Love and Fear, is folky, rock and respectably pop but definitely Stockholmy in the best possible way. There are shades of classic rock on several tracks such as “Going Home” but labeling this band is probably a waste of time. People are moving away from genre. Is something good? Is it worth my time? A download? Yes. Love and Fear is worth the download.

Slim Loris could let some uptempo light in and embrace their happier side. There’s got to be some fast-paced stuff in the noggins of Mattias Cederstam, Robert Barrefelt, Leon Lindström and Jonas Ellenberg. Ironically the track “Down” gives a hint of that. It’s also one of my favorite tracks on Love and Fear.

There are other stand out tracks. “A House Of Our Own” is what I’m talking about. Uptempo with a nice blast of horns and a hint of Madness! thrown in.

And I like that these guys already have a road song. “Better Than I” captures that forlorn tale of the artist on the road, far from loved ones, on a literal guilt trip but it’s a nice change from the Metallica’s take on the road.

“Kings And Queens” is an awesome pirate ballad/anthem. And it’s vying for favorite track. You want to play this at your next party/wedding/night drive.

I’m ripping along, having a good time and ending with “Once” is not working for me, at least not to close out the record. Great tune but I just think Slim Loris could stand to shed some of the somber, downtempo songs and embrace their inner, crazy Swede. Because I know it’s in there.

“Head on the Floor”

Slim Loris Members / Instruments:
Mattias Cederstam (vocals, bass)
Robert Barrefelt (guitars)
Leon Lindström (backing vocals, guitars)
Jonas Ellenberg (Drums)

Love and Fear Production:
Produced by: Pecka Hammarstedt at Olga Studio and Mattias Cederstam at Slim Loris Studio.
Mixed by Pecka Hammarstedt at Olga Studio. Mastered by Jonas Ekström at Mastertone.

Feature Photo and Concept:
Mikael Ribeiro at Rocket Studio

Love and Fear Tracklisting:
Never Danced Sober
Sparkling Sun
Going Home
Violet Haze
Better Than I
Kings and Queens
A House of Our Own