Silver Lake 66: Let Go or Be Dragged

By Antiem Boyd

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo have the kind of musical chemistry that comes from good times, bad times, and in between times. The duo started out in the Midwest, eventually made their way to California, and then landed in Portland where they’ve put down some serious roots in the musical community there. But all along the way, they perfected their alt-country American sound.

Silver Lake 66’s Let Go or Be Dragged hums along like an old Ford F-150, lovingly cared for and still kicking up dust after thousands of miles. They hit just the right notes and thrum on just the right chords without being on the nose.

Francis and Overbo, as Silver Lake 66, will definitely strike you as the spirit of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. Maybe shades of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Francis’s voice conjures Maria McKee and Joni Mitchell and is complimented with Overbo’s smooth tones that brings Bruce Robison to mind.

Or you can leave all of those comparisons behind and just take in Silver Lake 66 and what they do. There’s a comfortable ease in Overbo and Francis’ intertwining vocals. There’s also a sharpness to their world view without being too heavy handed.

Wisdom over sadness. Wit over cynicism. Battle wounds over gaping wounds.

“Bury My Bones in Arkansas”


1. Bury My Bones in Arkansas
2. Magnolia
3. Change Your Mind
4. Devil’s Looking For Me
5. Treat Me So Fine
6. Do You Ever
7. Sherman County
8. San Francisco Angel
9. Don’t Have to Tell Me You’re Blue
10. Price You Pay
11. End of the Day
12. Doctor