Shrek Is Love, Vol 1: This Is My Swamp


By Stephen Chow

A few notes into the first track on Shrek Is Love’s This is My Swamp and I was in, tears streaming down my face. If you’re familiar with the infamous meme this band is named after, you’ll get that joke.

Just a word of warning if you watch the Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life series on YouTube, it’s pretty messed up. I personally get a kick out of it because I love wrong things. But I’m not here to review the original meme.

What I’m getting is that these guys are not Shrek super fans. They simply framed their work on the meme and ran with it. And it works. It’s insane that it does, but it does.

The musical, bi-coastal, non-oniony-secretion-emitting Shrek Is Love are trained musicians who understand how to riff and explore ideas without taking it all too seriously and without losing the pure joy of creation and performance.

These dudes aren’t just wickedly clever and cheeky, they are also crazy talented. Their R&B/jazz/soul/punk funkness is dope. Fresh and flowing, perfectly controlled, and then loosely rolling. Even if you’re not into nutball YouTube video series about a beloved green swamp creature who appears to children who pray to him and do things… I’m going to stop right there.

Shrek Is Love will continue to explore and mine the films, possibly even the video extras. They have a lot more to do. It’s not ogre.

“Love On Top/Party”

“Still Alive (From Portal)”

This Is My Swamp Tracklisting:

Lord Farquaad
This Is My Swamp

Shrek Is Love Members:
Michael Mayo – Vocals
Jacob Mann – Keys
Nick Campbell – Bass
Christian Euman – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Sam Brawner at Blue Dream Studios.
Mastered by Riley Knapp.
Album Art by Jacob Mann.
Background Vocals (last chord of Fiona) by Raquel Rodriguez.
Produced by Shrek is Love