Secondborn Makes the Rules This Time With ‘Symbols’

by Carla Boone

Secondborn: Symbols

One of the perks of being an experienced musician is knowing what you’re going to do and what you’re not going to do. Secondborn, literally risen from the ashes of previous bands on the verge of happening but not quite cracking the surface, decided that they had met their musical significant others in 2013 during a studio session. Symbols, Secondborn’s new album, is proof that members Daniel Pinner, Patrick Trumps, Stefan Hawkins, Tim Benson, Alex Daigle and Lee Gauthreaux needed to come together. And this phoenix will probably rip your face off.

Secondborn chose to step out of the shade and shadow of the music industry and self finance their own projects, joining other indie artists in owning their own futures. And music lovers are getting the benefit big time.

With total control over their music, Secondborn are focused on making music near the edge but definitely accessible. They also seem to have their goals in check, taking the time to create and craft a solid record before burning down up the blacktop to tour.

Symbols is a commercial record but doesn’t feel like the tired mainstream. The album is a pretty solid blend of power alt rock, post hardcore and is, at times, sweeping and theatrical. Symbols paints a picture of a once-glorious Sunset Strip only sans the frosted lipstick and spandex. It’s got that wonderful strut and infectious “rockness” to it that I though we had lost.

There’s a fair amount of early Guns N’ Roses pumping through the vocals and it takes me back to my underage years at The Whisky. Plus, Symbols comes off like the work of a band that’s been together for a while, making us feel as comfortable a Secondborn are with their new life together.

Set to be released this June, you can check out the single “When Lions Dream” now and get a nice taste of what’s coming.

Secondborn Members / Instruments:

Daniel Pinner: Vocals
Patrick Trumps: Guitar
Stefan Hawkins: Guitar
Tim Benson: Guitars, synth, vocals
Alex Daigle: Bass Guitar
Lee Gauthreaux: Drums, percussion

Symbols Production:
Tim Benson and Joseph Milligan

Symbols Tracklisting:

Say Love
When Lions Dream
Wolves and Hounds
In Winter
Kings Blood

“When Lions Dream”