Saycille: Wish

By Lyn Tyler

Saycille’s spirit is infectious. The Netherlands-based artist came to music later in life and embraced it with refreshing enthusiasm and zeal. She found herself discovering her own musical abilities after working in home healthcare and community support. When her career ended, she joined a band and soon found herself figuring out how to write a song.

Her single “Wish” captures her ability to be completely comfortable in her skin. The tune is also very catchy. The accompanying video is as organic as her music, encorporating family and friends into the visuals. The song is a celebration and everyone is welcome. And Saycille encourages everyone to dive right in.

“Wish” is an upbeat, light song and mirrors Saycille’s similarly sunny take on life. She says, “I want to express what’s in my heart, to make way for what’s in other peoples hearts, where I believe we all share the same love for life itself and our beautiful planet.”


Petra Lugtenburg – Piano
Dave van Beek – Drums
Xander Buvelot – Bass
Frank Stukker – Guitar