SakkieFTW Experiment 1.3.2

By Stephen Chow

Epic. Bombastic. Crack. Pussy On the Chainwax.

This EP Experiment 1.3.2 ran away with my mind for a little bit. Just really fucking stellar. Forget the acid, after running this thing through my brain a couple of times, I could get high on myself. You know how I like to ride the hyperbole train but I only take a ride when I mean it. This thing is active.

SakkieFTW is on it. Or on something. Life. The matrix. Whatever it is, I’m all about it. And this is SakkieFTW’s first EP! What?! Okay, so if you’re starting here, dude, you are going to have one hell of a career.

Listen to it, watch the videos. Buy the lifetime supply of the right noises put in the right order. Experiment 1.3.2 is a success. Take a bow, SakkieFTW.

“Experiment 1.3.2” Watch This! Seriously, it’s great. But I might have also been made a sleeper agent.

Members/Instruments: SakkieFTW (of course, this is all coming from one person, insane)

Written by SakkieFTW on Reason 8.
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Veenendaal

Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter)
Experiment 1.3.2
In Chains