Rooftop Revolutionaries’ ‘WHITE’ Is the Soundtrack to Our Cognitive Dissonance

by Lisa Waugh

It’s good to see that artists are still making rage-motivated music. It’s also nice when that music doesn’t suck. Meet Rooftop Revolutionaries and their new EP, WHITE.

Hard, fast and full of acidic messaging, WHITE is filled with many sentiments about challenging our programming, the spectrum of what-the-fuckedness of America right now and basically how the government isn’t really present. A kind of rage within the machine if you will.

I like it.

Rooftop Revolutionaries: Eleanor Goldfield doing her Hetfield, Mikael Gustavsson and Brian Marshak

Rooftop Revolutionaries: Eleanor Goldfield doing her Hetfield, Mikael Gustavsson and Brian Marshak

As we slide into the ridiculousness that is pre-election season, it’s nice to have a sound track to scream to. WHITE is a good bet. If you want to get your “fuck the man” on, this EP will satisfy. It’s also a nice little reminder that people still make music that reflects the building frustration amongst regular people in an ocean of political bullshit.

I listened to the whole of WHITE a few times over before I realized that Rooftop Revolutionaries’ founder Eleanor Goldfield is the lead vocalist on “Sick, Tired & Wasted” as well as “Let Freedom Ring.” I mean, it’s been a long week already and I am tired and I usually write the review before I look at any pics but I didn’t realize that the sounds coming out of my speakers belonged to a lady. Wow.

Now before you write in, calm down. I’m very very happy that Goldfield can rip like that. And I’m not after a male vs. female vocalist debate. I’m actually not up for any debate. Life is short. My time means something. So fuck that.

All I’m saying is, like damn, girl. Git it! And the fact that she sounds like a sober Courtney Love on “Kiss My Soul” is also a good thing. No, it really is.

Damn, girl, damn!

Damn, girl, damn!

From start to finish, Goldfield and bandmates Brian Marshak and Mikael Gustavsson take political dissent to nice roar. Much better than a day cruising Twitter and getting more and more depressed. Sometimes you just need to sit in nature and take in the visceral message that shit needs to change.

So after watching a clip of some idiot politician say yet another non-thinking/evil/wrong headed thing, maybe slip a little WHITE into your playlist and let some of that anger out. And then, write your congressman. Or Tweet him or her. Or Instagram them. That’s what space guys do.

Because Idiocracy is very close to happening and the Rooftop Revolutionaries know it.

Rooftop Revolutionaries Members/Instruments:
Eleanor Goldfield – founder, lead singer
Brian Marshak: producer, guitarist
Mikael Gustavsson: bass
Drummers – several depending on tour dates/times

WHITE Production: Mixed by Brian Marshak and Jeff Gartenbaum. Mastered by PLX Mastering (Paul Logus). Recorded in house at Rooftop Revolutionaires’ studio.

WHITE Tracklisting:
1. Sick, Tired & Wasted
2. Let Freedom Ring
3. Kiss My Soul
4. Silenced

“Folk Devils”