Ronjo V Ronjoism

By Stephen Chow

Probably my new favorite sound is coming from this band. It’s hard to describe Ronjo V’s thing but it should be trademarked. It’s melodic, but there’re teeth to it. The echo in the tracks feels like a little like Arctic Monkeys. The harder tracks ping a little bit like hard to place things, buried deep in the earth. Blood recognizes blood.

One of the most solid tracks on Ronjoism is “A.G.L.S.” Second up would be “Unfriend.” Both tracks make you believe the band has had years together. And they have.

Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan have known each other since college in Arkansas. They moved to Austin and created 5th Street Studios. And they’ve certainly created something all their own. It’s the kind of music that two people in locked-together minds can conjure. And it’s working for Ronjo V.

There’s really not a weak song on the record. All of them make you want to believe in Ronjoism. Hell, sign me up.

“Slo Motion”

“Dying Wish”

Ronjo V is both Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan.
Ryan – Vocals, guitars, keys
Keith – Guitars, bass

Major Label Records/5th Street Studios

Ronjoism Tracklisting:

Dying Wish
Slo Motion
You’re Not The First