Rock Masters Band Drops a Double Dose of Helsinki

by Stephen Chow

Rock Masters Band: “Hit the City” and “Diamonds”


Rock Masters Band: Jimi Sero, Sami “Haxu” Hakala and Ace Mark

I’m here to tell you, Finland has it going on when it comes to music. If you’re not tapping into that source to beef up your record bin with bands like Rock Master Band, you are just aren’t down with what’s hot and Finnish. But before you take the plunge, Rock Masters Band are offering new listeners an opportunity to get to know them with two new tracks.

So… if you’re up for a real good time that has some splashes of Them Crooked Vultures or a new spin on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with some KISS thrown in, you’ve come to the right double single.

“Hit the City” has a kind of Detroit by way of Helsinki thing to it. The song totally sounds like Detroit back in the late ‘70s but with that Rock Masters Band flare to it.

“Diamonds” is one of those Rock Masters Band numbers that tells you that this is not their first rodeo. RMB fans already know that this band is the supreme musical love child of previous marriages – Species and Spiha.

They already know that lead singer Haxu Hakala can bring a full-on rock party to the studio and never loose an ounce of the spirit and energy from the session.

So no whining about not having new music pumping through your Beats headphones. You’ve got two awesome singles to demonstrate what Rock Masters Band is all about. Do it.


Rock Masters Band: Sami “Haxu” Hakala and Riikka Hakala

Rock Masters Band Members /Instruments For Each Track:

“Hit the city”
Sami “Haxu” Hakala – vocals, keyboards, guitars
Riikka Hakala – vocals, backing vocals
Tero Rikkonen – bass, guitars
Mikael Tiittanen – drums, percussions
Teemu Holttinen – solo guitar

“Hit the City” Production:
Recorded and mixed at Hawaji studio
Produced and recorded by Sami “Haxu” Hakala.
Mixed by Mikael Tiittanen
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering

Sami “Haxu” Hakala – vocals, guitars
Riikka Hakala – backing vocals
Jimi Sero – bass
Sami Järvinen – drums
Ace Mark – guitars

“Diamonds” Production:
Recorded and mixed at Hawaji studio
Produced and recorded by Sami “Haxu” Hakala
Mixed by JJ Jaakonaho
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering