Revolushn: Further!!

By Stephen Chow

Revolushn is probably one of THE best examples of doing it yourself and doing your own thing. There’s just no describing what they do. I guess the best way to describe it is that this band entertains the shit out of people. Mainly because Revolushn decided to be exactly what they wanted to be and said fuck it to everything else.

Their music sits in a kind of punk, blues, rock, psychedelic blender. They’re from San Francisco so this weird and wonderful stuff on their new album Further!! is for real. Their roots run deep and while.

I’m also struck by how the band is comprised of a group of independent thinkers who come together to rip up the lab and make tracks that sometimes feel like The Who and at others like George Clinton decided to get higher than usual. I feel like I wandered into Dr. Frankenfurter’s mansion before it blasted off and this was the exit music as we hit the outer atmosphere.

Revolushn’s Further!! is a good fucking time.

Just look at this quote from founder and lead mad man NO, “BE FREE. We want to say you can do anything you want because the universe is larger than shit. We sing about space and life in this fluid world. You never know what will happen so be happy and nice to other humans and animals.”

I need to hang out with these people.

“Dog Gets High” by Olga Perry,

Revolushn Members/Instruments:

NO – Guitar, keyboards, vocals
DEKAY – Drums, lyrics
Guinevere Q NBFD – Bass, vocals
Young Sun – Guitar, vocals, mandolin
Schubert Ola – Keyboards, vocals
Bobby Killer Bee – Guitar, vocals, bass (studio, collaboration)
Norita – Keyboards, vocal (studio, collaboration)
Jimmy Legs – Drums, percussion, vocals (studio, collaboration)

All songs written by: NO and David Kendrick
Produced by Aaron Connor
Recorded at Cypher Sound Studio in Kansas City

Further!! Tracklisting:
The River
Weird Little Minds
Man Who Knew Everything
You Will Go
Dog Gets High
All Is As It Should Be
Time + Travel = Time