The Returned: The Creepiest TV Series You Must See

By Lisa Waugh

The Returned is a hypnotic television show airing on the Sundance Channel that reminds me of a freshened Twin Peaks or a French Let the Right One In.

The Returned on Sundance Channel: Chilling and fresh

Set in the French Alps in a sleepy town, as the reservoir dips to an alarming level, the dead are coming back to life. Can a town experience a mass haunting?

From a twin who dies in a tragic bus accident to a hot guy who dies on his wedding day, this Alpine town is a zombie magnet. Only these zombies look exactly like they did on the day they died. No rotten flesh here.

There’s a serial killer, a clairvoyant, lovers reunited, a twin struggling to bridge the gap between her death and the four years difference with her sister and an old man who does not at all like the idea of his wife coming back to life after 30 some odd years. His reaction is more along the lines of reality than fiction.

The plotlines are different, chilling and spellbinding. The cinematography, lighting and acting are of the highest quality but the big star is this little town. Not the usual setting for a TV series.

Put The Returned in your rotation. It’s crazy good to watch during the short, dark days of fall and winter.