Return for Refund Is A Radio Favorite Replay

Return for Refund has quickly become a college radio favorite and their self-entitled EP is getting a lot of air play. That rapid-growing following is probably because the band have paid their dues and have made a serious study of some tried and true genres; hard rock and funk with a splash of grunge alt.return_for_refund_2

Return for Refund’s story is similar to any successful band’s. Individually, each member began playing with bands at early ages and then found each other in that way only fate can divine. Drew Clementino started writing songs at age 12.

In their native Toronto, Clementino and Sasha Molotkow path’s kept crossing. Their similar tastes in music was a big draw and as dissatisfaction grew with their former band, they saw an opportunity to carve out a new sound for themselves.

They created Return for Refund and along with Karlis Kawkins developed a hugely popular sound, heavily reminiscent of Soundgarden. But far from being derivative, the result of Return for Refund is infectious and electric.

Return for Refund have steadily crafted their sound in a way that supersedes their influences. “Between My Sheets” is the most hard rock/grunge track on the record. “Yolo” has a Nirvana-like bottom to it. “Some Is Better Than None” is a vibrant funk tracks on the record. And “Those Bombs” is the most commercial tune of all.

The whole of the self-titled Return for Refund EP is anchored by the crafting of the tracks. The production is exceptional. Return for Refund is intent on building a sustainable future and there’s no reason why that future won’t be a bright one.

Return for Refund Members/Instruments:
Drew Clementino – Vocals, Guitar
Sasha Molotkow – Guitar, backing vocals
Karlis Hawkins  – Drums, backing vocals

Recorded at Phase One Studios. Produced by Drew Clementino.
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Michael Jack. Mastered at Wreckhouse Mastering

Return for Refund Tracklisting:

The Fields
TV Light
Between The Sheets
Some Is Better Than None
Those Bombs

Styles: Hard Rock, Rock