Rahm: Between the Lines

By DG Barrow
Rahm is a passionate and talented artist who gives from the very depths of his soul with each track on his latest EP Between the Lines. Rahm’s drive is an epic nearly operatic reach for meaning and connection, bravely scooping out pieces of himself for the listener’s inspection. It’s actually a pleasant experience.

That boldness serves his music well where the tracks are mini musicals, punctuated with spoken word. The title track “Between the Lines” feels like an off Broadway homage to the ‘70s. And “Always on the Run” edges in on rock opera of that era as well. “Coming Home” is a wonderful song altogether. We’re on the road, we’re in an airport terminal, looking out a coffee shop window… we’re on these exquisite little journeys with the artist.

There is truly no one like Rahm. He’s part circus, part theatre, and all heart. This is what creates the wondrous dramatic gravity of Between the Lines. Simply good stuff. Nothing like it out there.

1. You Are Not Alone
2. Between The Lines
3. Always On The Run
4. Coming Home
5. Fool For You

Production: Ofer Yair