Raelism’s Back to the Battlefield

By Antiem Boyd
There’s something much more cerebral about the latest Raelism (Max Rael) project. Back to the Battlefield is very much a soundtrack of the electronic and industrial kind. Some tracks are ethereal, others upbeat and hopeful, one track (“They’re All Dead Now”) is a kind of evil circus demented clown entrance theme. Back to the Battlefield has a sense of humor, it’s also not afraid to be joyful and dark.

Rael plays all of the instruments, engineers, and produces. He does all of these things well. There’s just enough flash and grit to make things interesting. Rael’s previous projects are steeped in death metal, industrial, and post industrial. Here on Back to the Battlefield, those influences can be felt as well as heard.

You’ll find the delightful ghosts of Kraftwerk within the EP. A solid ‘80s industrial call back at times. Other times, a clearly just now modern vibe. Rael’s evolution is wholly satisfying. And this record, a sort of white noise mediation, is one to take in.

“Perfect Dream Fades”

Members / Instruments:   Max Rael
Production: Max Rael

Back to the Battlefield Tracklisting:
1. Slightly Less Than Human
2. My Fight (Is Nearly Over)
3. Escape (Between Battles)
4. Persistence (Splatterpuss North)
5. They’re All Dead Now