Qualia’s New EP Triptych

By Antiem Boyd
Qualia has the swagger of destiny running throughout all three tracks. Each song on Triptych has an edgy airiness with an overall buoyancy. It’s a full experience headed up by Michael Hazani and expertly carried off by Shawn Crowder and Pier Luigi Salami.

Triptych’s journey is a three part act filled with haunting vocals and powerful melodic execution, all radio ready. Hazani’s voice soars over crisp production. He’s also crafted some wonderful songs for the EP.

“Presque Vu” is an energetic intro, racing along with promise and light. “Guillotine” is the most dramatic track on the record, sweeping and cinematic. “Tell Me a Story” makes a powerful close out to Triptych, equally memorable and moving as the other two tracks.

Qualia have a hit on their hands with Triptych. Something tells me they can handle it.

Qualia Members/Instruments:

Michael Hazani – Vocals, keys, programming (electronic setup)

In Studio:
Shawn Crowder: Drums
Pier Luigi Salami: Keys
Michael Hazani: everything else

Production: produced by Michael Hazani and Jay Marcovitz, mixed by Jay Marcovitz, mastered by Fred Sladkey

Triptych Tracklisting:

1. Presque Vu
2. Guillotine
3. Tell Me A Story