Psychocide: Alcohol & Bad Decisions

by Lisa Waugh

Psychocide’s debut album Alcohol & Bad Decisions sprang from late nights and subsequent hangovers as a result of some wild times back in New York. The record is packed with raucous confrontations, hotel-smashing operas, and passionate ponderings, all told from a focused, and way more sober, perspective. There’s also a shoutout to the Beastie Boys “Sabotage.”

Goldwyn Thandrayen and fellow bandmates Ivan Trolj and Wilson Li turned hardcore partying into something they could hang their hat on, a music career. How it all came together is best summed up by the band itself…

“Psychocide was birthed in New York City on a cold winter night in November 2012. Jack Daniels and Notting Hill Bin 808 red got involved alongside with some serious debauchery which took place between Brooklyn’s Bushwick (which was not cool yet) to Manhattan’s East Village. Along the way unprotected conversations accompanied by an acoustic guitar (Yamaha F-310p) took place, and this led to the accidental birth of ‘Street Named Desire.’ Not much was learnt from this incident.”

What Psychocide has learned is how to craft a highly-infectious sound that lives somewhere on the edge of the 90s with some of the entrails of the 70s and 80s hanging out. Alcohol & Bad Decisions is expertly mixed and produced by Goldwyn Thandrayen, who controls the chaos while letting the madness seep through.

Psychocide are having a great time, just check out their music videos, but they are also not fucking around about what they’ve chosen to do for a living. Or, more to the point, Thandrayen, Trolj, and Li have turned fucking around into something special and an absolute blast.

Director: Olivier Sabino
Featuring: Lydia Wener as Mary

“Crazy Janet” – An homage to Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”
Director: Goldwyn Thandrayen, Olivier Sabino, and Likainen Andre

Alcohol & Bad Decisions Tracklisting:
1. Crazy Janet
2. Mary
3. Crossing Guard
4. Mr. Suit
5. Dear Alice
6. Temporary Friends
7. Brotherman
8. Paranoia
9. Street Named Desire
10. Breaking Bad

Producer: Goldwyn Thandrayen

Goldwyn Thandrayen – Vocals, guitars
Ivan Tolj – Bass
Wilson Li – Drums

Featured players:
Art Hirahara – Keys
Dan Bailey – Drums
Dylan Wilson – Bass
Jackson Price – Rhythm guitar

Recorded and mixed at Signature Sound Studio by Christian Cummings
Mastered at Sterling by Ted Jensen

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