A Primitive Evolution Gets ‘The Prize’ For Being Awesome

What was intended to be an unplugged version of a debut album morphed into its own monster… thus, The Prize is born. A Primitive Evolution’s second record vibrates with soul, grit, rock and eerie goodness. I’ve had it in my ears for a few weeks now and find that it’s a go to just about every day. Now, I’m not slobbering. When you write about a lot of music, you celebrate the good ones. Cause the next one could ruin your hearing for a few hours maybe even days.

Stu Dead, Brett Carruthers and Stephany Seki

A Primitive Evolution have spent a lot of time being experimental with its music and its member. Drummer Stu Dead (you gotta love that) believes that “being outside the comfort zone” helped the band shape and shape-shift into this killer alt rock trio.

There’s something about The Prize that makes me feel like I should hole up in my room, light some black candles and talk to my stuffed newt.

There’s also purely acceptable commercial moments that A.P.E. should embrace. On the track “I Feel It All,” the lyrics soar and make me bob my head like a teenager trying to retain my sullen exterior while my insides bounce.

The band had simply intended to do a stripped down version of their first album, A Primitive Evolution, but when they teamed up with Producer John Wozniak something different bubbled to the surface. They emerged from Mushroom Studios in Toronto with a second album and a new way to whoop the ass of the world with its music.

A.P.E. Has Its Visuals Down

Equally delightful is the band’s video for “Lord of Reason.”  The band has capitalized on the visual aspect of their message and they certainly did things right. They got themselves a cast, a costumer, art department, a few grips, a DP, a gaffer, playback guy/girl and an awesome editor to whip up a disturbing yet wacky dark lord meets Deliverance kind of deal.

I totally don’t get those things in the shed and I like that I don’t. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing? One thing is for certain, I would not like to piss off that witch. Or this band. They do a mean job of coming up out of the ground.

The “Lord of Reason” video is sequel to “I Feel It All” which you should watch first for the set up. Gorgeously done. Very nice to have a narrative every now and again, no matter how random.

The band not only has a loyal group of followers, the be-gothed and rogue other minders, they also are a festival favorite throughout Canada and the U.S. A Primitive Evolution’s music has been featured in films (Chastity Bites, Suck) as well as TV (Degrassi: The Next Generation).

What’s clear to me about A Primitive Evolution is that they are quite serious about putting in the work while also having fun with expectations and zigging exactly just where you think they’ll zag.

A Primitive Evolution are:

Brett Carruthers – Vocals and Guitars

Stephany Seki – Bass, Cello and Vocals

Stu Dead – Drums and Percussion

The Prize Production: John Wozniak and A Primitive Evolution at Mushroom Studios


Give a Listen to:

Lord of Reason

I Feel It All

The Prize

Coming and Going

Train Wreck