Post Death Soundtrack’s The Unlearning Curve

By Stephen Chow

This band had me at “Canadian trip hop/psychedelic rock trio.” As a former record store loiterer, I would have made a beeline for that bin in a heartbreak. Post Death Soundtrack not only has one of the coolest names, they and their new EP The Unlearning Curve are chock full of moody brilliance. This is the kind of music vampires listen to. Hip vampires. Not the sparkly kind, either. I’m quite serious about this assessment.

Post Death Soundtrack’s druidy vibe issues from the brains and fingertips of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, and Jon Ireson. And one thing you learn very quickly about their music is that you will never be bored. Trippy, ringing, cavernous, and epic, each track on The Unlearning Curve is pure weird joy. There’s a kind of cleansing element to the record. It’s a solid way to feel a bunch of feelings and then release them back into the wild. You can also just put it in your ears and jangle around gently as you move.

The Unlearning Curve is also here for all of your downtempo needs. Whatever it is that you need to do at the time, the record has got you. No pressure. I know my own kind when I hear them and The Unlearning Curve is a record for intelligent misfits. One of the best audiences in the world.

Standout tracks:
Arrhythmia Dreaming
Our Time Is Now

Post Death Soundtrack is: Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore, Jon Ireson
All songs by Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore & Jon Ireson except *track 7 by Colin Everall, Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore & Jon Ireson
Vocals by Steve Moore & Kenneth Buck
Produced & Engineered by Kenneth Buck & Jon Ireson
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver

Album cover art:
Original painting by Kayla Aileen Brown


That Which Is
You Can’t Go Back
Our Time Is Now
Beauty Eyes I Adore
Arrhythmia Dreaming