Port of Est. Onyx Moon

By Lisa Waugh
Hannah Tarkinson’s vocals are uncanny on the track “Lupine” from Port of Est.’s new record Onyx Moon. Tarkinson is channeling Bjork, if Bjork rolled out Portland, Maine. But wait, Tarkinson is not done, there’s some Kate Bush in the track “Transparent.” Onyx Moon is a brand new record that is superbly vintage.

Tarkinson is backed and produced by the other half of Port of Est, Todd Kitchens. The duo has a pure sound drawn from extracts of indie ‘80s radio. I’ve got just about every track stuck in my head but none more than “Valentine In My Headphones.” It’s wildly addictive.

Tarkinson and Kitchens dedicated a lot of time to finding their sound, between her shimmering vocals and his “electro idiosyncrasies.” The record crackles and dances with modern retro. Sometimes indie artists are so tuned into other frequencies, you wonder if they can hear messages from space echoes from the past.

Port of Est. lays out layer after layer of cinematic synth, electronic pop, artful b-side callbacks, and intense ambience with Hannah Tarkinson’s voice dancing above the richness. Truly escapes description. This one, you just have to listen to.

“Valentine In My Headphones”

Mixed by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine

Album cover art design:is by François Matus, featuring an original drawing by Honnie Goode

Onyx Moon Tracklisting:

Valentine In My Headphones
Onyx Crazy Eyes
Skin To Skin
Clash – https://soundcloud.com/portofest/clash
Sister Wolves