Plum’s Light Years, Dark Years

By Rhin Howard
If you want to travel back in time, but remain rooted in the present then Plum’s Light Years, Dark Years will do you right. Eerily nailing the sound of Cream, CCR, a touch of Beatles during the drug years, but adding their own imprint, Plum have managed to create something deeply entertaining on a nearly religious level.

Within Light Years, Dark Years here’s the heart of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the call to drop out, tune in, but with all of the swagger and technology of the modern era. This is not a vintage record, but Plum’s sound is purposeful. They didn’t squander being born too late. Rather, they capitalized on having the gift of perspective. They got to play with styles, layers, and intent.

There’s some Jim Morrison hiding in Kyle Miller’s voice. The guitars are decidedly psychedelic. The overall affect is an expertly produced project, full of good vibes, without the baggage of the past. And something several generations can enjoy during the holidays.

Mix the cocktails, roast the bird, fire up Plum’s EP on Soundcloud, stoke the fire, and head in either direction of your preferred time period.


Kyle Miller – Vox, Lead Guitar
Jake Supple – Vox, Bass, Drums
Ty Baron – Guitar, Keys
Rodrigo Valdez – Drums on “Cosmic Vice”

Light Years, Dark Years Tracklisting:

Light Years, Dark Years
Cosmic Vice
Love is in the Air