Plastic Handgun’s ‘Involuntary Memories’ Reimagines the Genre Landscape

Mark Di Giovanni’s maiden atmospheric project is a spellbinding triumph. His new record Involuntary Memories under the band name Plastic Handgun expertly experiments and revels in many styles and forms from electronic to dream pop. With tracks so buoyant and surreal, the listener is left silver screen-half dreaming in a sea of deep emotions and thoughts.

Plastic Handgun is Mark Di Giovanni’s chosen vehicle to meld and shape indie and experimental with psych rock and even ripples of space folk. The result is a record that is striking, eerie and very enjoyable.

Plastic Handgun: Mark Di Giovanni

Plastic Handgun: Mark Di Giovanni

Involuntary Memories bends the mind with effortless flow from one track to the next. Each story is handed off like a series of thoughts caught within one circuit.

“Introverts” gently rolls into the mellow chaos of “Eustachian Tube” so smoothly, they could be parts of one song.

“Three Wolf Procession” is a standout track for me. Part movie soundtrack and part urban war cry, the effect is haunting and unforgettable.

“Lisbon” is a good example of the perfect blend of many genres, highly irresistible.

“Grave Spinning II” has a kind of Madness backbeat to it. But that Mark Di Giovanni twist to it makes it uinquely Plastic Handgun. The bass lines are especially tasty.

Most dreamlike and radio friendly at the same time, “The Double Life” is the commercial takeaway on Involuntary Memories. That’s not meant as an insult as the track holds up nicely under the psycho analytic vibe of the album without being to heavy to take in.

“Capillary Vessel” feels and sounds like something I might have heard in a Jim Jarmusch film during the end credits. Twinkling late 80s, vibing Animal Collective and Sunset Rubdown.

I have to say that “Selective Living” is another tune that resonates with me. Easy, traveling and again, that specific approach Di Giovanni has that feels narrative and cinematic.

With “The Dust You Kick Up Is Too Fine,” I think Di Giovanni specifically wrote this track to signal his act three of the album’s journey. There’s a retelling spirit, a looking back, wistful and full of secrets.

That’s why “Mirror Stage” is a wonderful way to close out the record. A lovely way to wrap up our time with Plastic Handgun and its Involuntary Memories.

The whole of Involuntary Memories is a very impressive debut effort. We can expect Mark Di Giovanni’s next Plastic Handgun project to blow our minds even further or at least to dee ply analyze them.

Plastic Handgun Members/Instruments:
Mark Di Giovanni (All Instruments)

Production: Mark Di Giovanni (All Production)

Involuntary Memories Tracklisting:
01 – Introverts
02 – Eustachian Tube
03 – Three Wolf Procession
04 – Lisbon
05 – Grave Spinning II
06 – The Double Life
07 – Capillary Vessel
08 – Selective Living
09 – The Dust You Kick Up Is Too Fine
10 – Mirror Stage

Styles: Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Dream Pop, Psych Rock