Paul Maged: Light Years Away

By Stephen Chow

Paul Maged’s Light Years Away comes raging out of the gate with the artist’s take on political correctness on “PC Police.” No matter your stance on that topic, the track is fucking catchy as hell.

Maged is your punk rock Billy Joel. Or Joel after he was dropped off from a night of acid taking at a Crowded House concert. Or as if he were up all night making waffles with Jethro Tull in a fairy basement. Or Jack Black coming down from huffing coffee grounds.

No, none of that’s right. He’ll remind you of other times and artists but ultimately, Paul Maged is his own thing. He nor his music need be defined either.

What I like about him is that Maged is deadly serious about not taking things too seriously. He can get deeply introspective on you and then bounced away from the moment, middle finger up. He means all of it and none of it, I guess.

Whatever is driving him, Maged certainly isn’t shy about sharing his read on the world and where we’ve been and we’re at right now. His steadfast dedication to his own thoughts and style have made him stronger with each new release.

“PC Police” and “Moment of Strength” are two of the top takeaways from Light Years Away. And Maged’s tribute to Chris Cornell, Audioslave’s “Like a Stone,” is a killer. Worth the price of admission.

“Light Years Away”

“PC Police”

Paul Maged – Music, lyrics, vocals, keyboard, acoustic, bass, piano
Ari Friedman – Lead guitar, bass (except Like a Stone)
Marc Hoffman – Drums (except Like a Stone)
Cabbage Pomeranz – Harmonica (Ashley Jane)
Produced by: Sean Gill

Light Years Away Tracklisting:
1. PC Police
2. Moment of Strength
3. Light Years Away
4. Ashley Jane
5. Half Moon
6. Like a Stone
7. Moment of Strength reprise