Pacanomad’s ‘Restless’ EP Takes On The Greats

by Lisa Waugh

The first thing you notice when you click on any song from Pacanomad’s new record Restless is the voice of Chantel Rivard, all at once Amy Winehouse, Adele and a little bit of Janis Joplin. It’s a powerful voice that doesn’t overpower the music or listener.

Chantel Rivard of Pacanomad is a heavy hitting, power vocalist

Chantel Rivard of Pacanomad is a heavy hitting, power vocalist

Rivard is surrounded by talent equal to hers with Nick Cifaldi, Dave Ball and Zack Stewart as each track on the Restless EP demonstrates that we will know Pacanomad on an exponentially larger scale any time now.

I especially like “I Lost You” a smooth R&B track that satisfying slides into a rock backbeat. I also enjoy “Tell Me Not To Doubt” quite a bit. That track has stayed on repeat throughout the office. Really, every track of Restless is superb.

Watch Pacanomad’s “Restless”

Pacanomad sounds like it’s been together for a while and I’m surprised to learn that they came together – starting with Rivard and Cifaldi – just two years ago. The band organically founds its rightful members and took the time to find their sound and direction. And when you have the right mix of talent in a room, things can gel pretty quickly.

I do wonder if Rivard will suffer in the shadows of Adele and the late Winehouse. It would be unfair for Rivard not to get her due but I’m sure Adele wouldn’t begrudge her for one moment. We all know Adele is cool.

I’m sure fans of excellent music will probably not care and listen to anything that’s good. And competing with such artists is a good problem to have.

Restless is restlessly spreading through the band’s native London and Ontario, Canada and will no doubt make its way into the States. But you can hear the record right now on Soundcloud.

Give Restless a listen. I think you’ll enjoy yourself.

Restless tracklisting:

Heaven Can Wait
I Lost You
Tell Me Not To Doubt
Till It’s Mine


Chantel Rivard – Vocals
Nick Cifaldi – Guitar
Dave Ball – Bass
Zack Stewart – Drums