Opium Denn’s Demarkation

By Lisa Waugh
Rarely do you find a record with a warning label for operating heavy machinery or driving a car, but here you go. Opium Denn’s goal on Demarkation is to relax the mind, and possibly knock something profound loose in there, possibly unfold that layers of us. Using HEV, Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations, Opium Denn’s 37-minute concept record is designed to create a type of buzz within out beings.

Demarkation comes with three videos to accompany said buzz that you’ll find throughout this piece. The record is art rock in its best form, where the artist doesn’t break character or acknowledge that he even is a character. The slipping into an identity, completely.

The artist sums it up best. “I am the multiple personalities contained within a single person. Masked, symbolic of the overlays, appearance portrayals and production that hide the true essence of each individual.  We are all masked… Opium Denn explores and seeks a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in the context of this world we find ourselves.” — Opium Denn

His music is the tool that unlocks those selves and searches for self-discovery within those mysterious realms deep inside ourselves. “From birth to death and back again,” Opium Denn says. Performance art, concept art, holistic medicine, auditory healing, white noise with a beat, meditation score… Demarkation is what you make of it.

On the whole, it’s a fascinating experience. Definitely worth a listen, complete with the visuals. But please, put down the jackhammer first.

“I Am A Feeling #1”

All songs written by Opium Denn
Produced by Opium Denn

Recorded at Sedgwick Studios, Asheville, NC
Engineered by Jim Georgeson, chief engineer & Jason Pitroff, 2nd engineer
Mixed by Jim Georgeson
Mastered by Stephen V. Smith at SoundSmiths

Art Design: Jon Jones


Demarkation Tracklisting:

I Am a Feeling #1
Leaf (Key track)
So Many Faces (Key track)
A Drone
Eyes to the Sky (Key track)
I Am a Feeling #2
Masks & Uniforms
Demarkation (Key track)
I Am a Feeling #3

“So Many Faces”