Only a Visitor: Lines

Photo: Mayan Vered

By Stephen Chow

I almost don’t want to tell you which kinds of genres Only a Visitor comprises. Any genre typing just doesn’t do this band justice. And none of the genres are uncool. If I were giving them a shout out on their latest record Lines, I’d say something like, “Come for the art pop and stay for the awesome music.” But that’s lame and doesn’t hold up how Only a Visitor spins out melodies full of vocal waterfalls and jazzy avant-pop sunshine.

From the first track “Bird Sanctuary” to the last “Feigning Innocence,” Lines lives on its own existential plane. Or maybe the band does. Or both. Robyn Jacob’s voice mingles and dives up and around and above those of Emma Postl and Celina Kurz. Imagine dolphins. Imagine dope ass musical dolphins.

Jeff Gammon on bass and Kevin Romain on drums only add more dopeness to Only a Visitor’s amazing sound.

I can’t get enough of this band and have now gone back to take in their previous and acclaimed releases Climb the Glass Mountain (2014) and Of Course the Journey (2012), released under their previous name Fist Full o’ Snacks. That name made me snort with glee.

Whimsical, seriously talented, and well, just go download Lines. You’ll hear what I mean.


Robyn Jacob – Keyboard, vocals
Emma Postl and Celina Kurz – Vocals
Jeff Gammon – Bass
Kevin Romain – Drums

Production: Engineered and mixed by Joseph Hirabayashi

Lines Tracklisting:
Bird Sanctuary
Foggy Streets
Running In My Sleep
Visiting Light
Only As We Talked
Do You Mind
Feigning Innocence