One Track Minds: A Price to Be Paid

By Lisa Waugh

There’s alchemy at play here as One Track Minds forges sounds, noise, and genres, blending them back onto themselves in their latest work, A Price to Be Paid. There’s pop, a strident metallish rockabilly, and the echoey international ballad punk strum of the late ’70s/early ‘80s. There’s more than that. The album feels like Johnny Cash, The Clash, and David Lynch. It is remarkable in the way The Stooges, X, and Syd Barrett are remarkable. You just have to hear it to understand.

The tracks hypnotize, lure, influence, and induce. And, there’s an undercurrent, a cinematic drone to the record as well. A Price to Be Paid offers an alternative escape, a different head space to exist in.

Members Ole Kristian Malmedal, Olav Edvard Lossius Meisingset, Bendik Ohr Iversen, and Tor Inge Eikrem are an excellent compliment to vocalist and songwriter Jon Reier Sylte. Good things are made in Trondheim, Norway, especially unique and commanding music. Are all experienced music makers in their own right.

One Track Minds just happens to be a formula that works best.

Jon Reier Sylte – Guitar, vocals
Ole Kristian Malmedal – Organ, drums
Olav Edvard Lossius Meisingset – Drums, percussion
Bendik Ohr Iversen – Bass
Tor Inge Eikrem – Tambourine, shakers

Produced by: Magnus Kofoed and Jon Reier Sylte at Brygga studio 2015
Mixed and mastered by: Magnus Kofoed and Jon Reier Sylte at Brygga studio


1. A price to be paid
2. To the other side
3. River of life
4. She
5. Desolate soul
6. Coming down
7. Trash
8. Bad vibrations
9. Joanna
10. Closer