Once Around Saturn: These Promises

Kelso and Easton


By Castio Guerrera

Dan Kelso created Once Around Saturn in 2014 to spread his love of synth pop and his talent for making it. Fans love his shaping and crafting of the beloved genre where he keeps that pure ‘80s sound while adding his own fresh take. His new EP Three Promises is the latest source of four new gems.

In singer Amanda Easton, Kelso found an artist who got his music and where he wants to head with it. Easton’s vocals, along with Glenn Whitehall’s, are a perfect addition to Once Around Saturn. They complete Kelso.

For those just now discovering synth pop, Once Around Saturn is a terrific introduction to a genre that has only grown stronger with time. Kelso’s contribution is a notable one.

Production: Recorded at A-Sharp Recording Studio.

These Promises Tracklisting:

Because Jennifer (featuring Glenn Whitehall & Amanda Easton)
Fortress of Love (featuring Amanda Easton)
Titan Excursion
Three Promises (featuring Glenn Whitehall)