Oh Yeah: Artur U & the New City Limits ‘Holiday From Eternity’

by Stephen Chow

Artur U & the New City Limits


Artur U & the New City Limits: Artur U, Johanna Saarinen, Tuomas Orasmaa, Miika Suomalainen, Toni Mäntylä Photo by Aino Larvala

When they make music in Finland, they do it their way. Artur U & the New City Limits gave fans a taste of just how they can rock back in February with their single “On A Holiday,” from their debut record Holiday From Eternity.

The track is hard hitting, funky and very Helsinki-ish, this sound and approach are what rock needs to be these days. Artur U & the New City Limits demonstrate that music doesn’t need to reference any other sound. Music fans are always looking the new twist and this band has that in spades.

Inspired by Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, Artur Y & the New City Limits put a moody spin on that old school New York basement gig sound. It’s awesome.

Another track from this record, “Monkey House,” is equally unique, exquisitely standing as its own incomparable entity. Personal, shimmering and very much belonging only to this band. The video for “Monkey House” is also mesmerizing.

Bizarre, haunting and pretty terrific, check out both tracks and then make your way over to the full download. You’ll have a Scandinavian blast.

Artur U & the New City Limits Members/Instruments:
Artur U – vocals, steel guitar
Johanna Saarinen – vocals, percussion
Tuomas Orasmaa – keyboards
Miika Suomalainen – bass
Toni Mäntylä – drums

Holiday From Eternity Production:
Recorded by Davide Floreno, Tuomas Orasmaa, Artur U | Mixed by James Dellatacoma @ Orange Music Sound Studio (owned by Bill Laswell) – NJ, USA | Mastered by Virtalähde Mastering – Kuhmoinen, Finland

Holiday From Eternity Tracklisting:
Another Day
Back Inside the Shell
Monkey House
On a Holiday
Mechanical Dream
No Need to Wave
White Horses
The Secret

“On A Holiday”

“Monkey House”