Oh man, yeah. Totally into Five Hundredth Year’s latest EP A Rose From Ashes.

By Stephen Chow


Everyone is trying to put a spin on genres these days and that has made some for some pretty delicious and crunchy new music but this is good old hard rock and metal. Five Hundredth Year packs a satisfying wallop with A Rose From Ashes.

And I hope they don’t mind me saying so but if James Hetfield and Jack Black had a baby, that baby should play with this band. A Rose From Ashes is big, ball-stompingly so. But there’s also that wonderful pinch of humor that keeps the band from disappearing up its own ass. Humor keeps any experienced band from themselves.

The whole EP is a must listen but “Reflection” is one of the stand outs. John’s vocals rise above the typical metal throat singer rips and swirl with bass player and vocalist Brenda. There’s real talent there.

“Talking Body” is surprisingly mainstream, almost if pop dropped acid. And “Violent Descent” is nearly easy to dance/trance/thrash/trash to. This is your anthem with a soulful, chewy center. “Awaken In Silence” is almost a Knights of the Roundtable way to fire up the record. One of the most gentle but infectious songs on A Rose From Ashes. Here, you can hear the blend of the wide range of vocals in the band.

Excellent. Excellent.

“Stand Up”

Five Hundredth Year Members / Instruments:
John – Lead Vocals
Ben – Lead Guitar
Jimmers – Rhythm Guitar
Brenda – Bass/Backup Vocals
Mike – Keyboard/Backup Vocals
Zach – Drums

Wall of Sound Studio/B.J. Perry (I Prevail, The Product)

A Rose From Ashes Tracklisting:
1. Awaken In Silence
2. Blame
3. Breaking Point
4. Reflection
5. Stand Up
6. Talking Body
7. Violent Descent