Now for Something Completely Different: To Where Tengger Leads Me

Nature Ganganbaigal: To Where Tengger Leads Me

By R.B. Sloane
nature ganganbaigal horse
It’s safe to say that Nature Ganganbaigal has added significantly to the New Age genre. His Mongolian folk roots and reputation as a composer for film, TV, and video games add exciting layers and puts his music in a category all its own. With To Where Tengger Leads Me, the album is a full blown soundtrack. All someone needs to do is shoot the picture to go with it.

Besides playing the horse-head fiddle and composing, Ganganbaigal is a Tibetan Buddhist and shaman. He’s also a throat singer and heads up a folk metal band, Tengger Cavalry. What all of this adds up to is a sound that is definitely off the beaten path, zig zagging over snow-capped mountains, where ponies run wild. If you are to believe the implied messages on To Where Tengger Leads Me.

Ganganbaigal’s goal is to bring Mongolian traditional music into other genres from heavy rock to metal. He uses traditional instruments to blend and bend the cinematic landscape. To Where Tengger Leads Me is meditative at times, a swirling wave of emotions, epic throughout and Ganganbaigal has mastered musical storytelling.

Nature Ganganbaigal Horsehead Fiddle solo in New York City

Members / Instruments:
Nature Ganganbaigal: Horse-head fiddle player

Nature Ganganbaigal

To Where Tengger Leads Me Tracklisting:
1. The Expedition
2. Legend On Horseback
3. Galloping Steeds
4. From Far Away
5. The Ritual
6. The Gobi Road
7. Golden Horde
8. Symphony Of Steel, Pt. 1
9. My Horse, Far In The Distance
10. Hymn Of The Earth
11. Symphony Of Steel, Pt. 2
12. Homeland Song (Feat. NanDin)