Nomadic Drum Circle at NAMM

Lisa Waugh

Dude, the invisible drum circle was awesome. Uh, I’m not saying that the Drum Circle didn’t happen the other night at NAMM but I am definitely saying that the drummers were probably somewhere in the gift shop of the Hilton waiting for the guitar solo to end before they came in.

My fellow Rock World staffers and I wandered around NAMM like cats in a silo trying to a find a corner to piss in looking for this mysterious drum circle. Even Hilton employees didn’t know where the hell The Hilton Palm Garden was cause basically Anaheim was a swampy shithole that Walt Disney recreated as the happiness machine that it is with transplanted palm trees to complete the affect of a city. So “palm gardens” happen about every 50 feet.

Shah! I think I left my djembe at Mr. Hand’s house.

After about a 15-minute, head-scratching discussion from Hilton staff, a lady points us north to the space between the Hilton and the Anaheim Convention center where hordes of “suits” and rock types suck on cigarettes and do what passes for mingling. This is not a palm garden. This is a smoker’s alley and there is not one drummer banging on anything here. Maybe I’m just a dumbass but then about nine people are joining me in that club because the Dreads-Bedazzled Tribe was nowhere to be found.

I kept imagining a herd of drummers lugging their congas, snares, djembes and empty paint buckets all over the place saying things like, “Dude, isn’t it supposed to be by the palm tree?” And then this other guy is like, “Dude, but like that’s a palm tree right there.” And then the next guy is like, “But like dude, we’re in the parking lot. And isn’t this like Newport Beach or something?” And then the other guy says, “Shah.” And then they just set up their drums and play anyway.

So if you found the drum circle at NAMM, let me know how it went. I hear the one in Newport Beach was “tasty freshness.”