no:carrier’s Take on California ‘Ghosts Of The West Coast’

no:carrier Ghosts Of The West Coast

By Lisa Waugh
You can count on no:carrier to paint the world as they wish. Ghosts Of The West Coast depicts a barren and industrial, electro noire pop version of Califormia, making it dangerous once again. On their new EP, no:carrior makes the west coast mysterious and elusive and not a playground for semi-celebrities, the rap that it does not deserve.

Chris Wirsig and Cynthia Wechselberger have relied on their instincts for a couple of decades and their diehard audience proves that those instincts have been on point.

Ghosts Of The West Coast puts a darker POV on Wirsig’s adoptive home and California can take it. This is what the West Coast is all about, comfortable being seen through the lens of a transplant. This is why no:carrier’s homage, if you can call it an homage, is nearly perfect.

  • “The Boys Of Summer,” eerily performed by Kalib DuArte, sounds like a lost piece from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.
  • “California,” sung by Melissa Harding, travels very far from Belinda Carlisle’s version but somehow meets back at the start given Carlisle’s journey as an artist.
  • “Room With a View,” performed by Lauralee Brown, is full of threats and old school fear. Nice.
  • Closing out with “She Moved Through the Fair” sung by Wechselberger is genius. The track doesn’t seem out of place at all. These are the credits scrolling as we ponder why we’re here, what’s to become of us, and if it matters at all.

no:carrier Members / Instruments:
Chris Wirsig (keyboards, production, vocals), Cynthia Wechselberger (vocals)
Plus guests: Kalib DuArte (vocals on “The Boys Of Summer”)
Melissa Harding (vocals on “California”)
Lauralee Brown (vocals on “Room With A View”)

Production: Chris Wirsig, mastering by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering

Ghosts Of The West Coast Tracklisting:
The Boys Of Summer (Don Henley cover)
California (Belinda Carlisle cover)
Room With A View (Tony Carey cover)
She Moved Through The Fair (Irish traditional)