No Gaps in Chris Beyer’s Distances

By Rhin Howard
Chris Beyer’s mission is to bridge the gap between younger listeners and older ones with his vintage meets modern approach to music. His new record Distances feels like John Mayer on a long rode trip back into the past than something solely from now.

Beyer’s music seeks to unite listeners as well. “Hopefully I can get younger listeners to appreciate older music and older listeners to branch out into modern/pop music. I represent an open mind and open perspective on music culture. I want all types of individuals at my shows to forget genres, clicks and scenes and to remember one thing. We all love music and that’s why we’re here.”

Somehow that sincerity is not forced on Beyer’s Distances. His boldface goodness is what makes the artist so popular. No artifice or angles. Just smooth and easy stories about life, love, and loss. Beyer makes it look easy enough anyway, but crafting songs so boldly from a deeply personal inner space is never done lightly.

So cast away any notion of genre, packaging, industry positioning and have a good deep listen.

Members / Instruments:
Chris Beyer – Guitars, vocals
Michael Delillo – Drums
Nick Zinnanti – Bass (also engineered, mixed and mastered)

Nick Zinnanti and Chris Beyer at ZIN Records

Distances Tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Sway
3. She’s On Fire
4. I’ve Had Enough
5. Bad Luck
6. I Hope So
7. Medicine