Niq Reefman: A Selection of Musical Tales

By Stephen Chow

Ah, the magic of Niq Reefman who, I’m convinced, is human weed. Can you smoke Frank Zappa if he came back from to the dead to join the surviving members of Monty Python? I’m sure someone somewhere could make that happen. Reefman’s latest record is madcapped, intelligent, hilarious, and weirdly beautiful.

There’s seriously no one like Reefman on the planet. His lyrics are as insightful as they are dada. His music is trumpety circusy jazzy theater. He’s a one-man musical where Noel Coward turns up with Tim Minchin, both are tripping on acid and translating the musical notes into colors.


Chewing…another pencil to death
Staring…at the words on the wall
Teacher! …this ain’t practical, cuz I’m
Not in the headspace, I’m terribly bored
This calls for an emergency

Glue [sniff] the schoolkid’s cocaine
Take a whiff and put another line on the page
Lumpy like a lunar mud
Ain’t no teacher takin back my snuff today

Reefman is a crooner and a good one at that. He’s a skilled vocal showman. A hell of a trumpet player and his ukelele is sublime. And you should hear his accordion. He’s wise and a wiseass. He’s sincere.

And then sometimes when I’m listening to A Selection of Musical Tales, I feel like I’m in a van shoved between Keith Moon and Graham Chapman flying through the countryside trying to find a place to buy fresh fish and mescal. And it’s Christmas. The TARDIS flies overhead, narrowly missing Red Dwarf.

The weirdly beautiful songs are “The horn of fate,” “In Australia,” and “Obligation.” Each track has its own charm. A must listen.

Niq Reefman @ Marban Music Studio, Bairnsdale
Mixed & Mastered by Jared Micallef

Tracklisting order:
Close Shave
Mooshiek Man
I’ve got my Mojo back
I’m a Good Boy
Horn of Fate
Storm at Sea
In Australia