Night Marcher Modern Maze

By Jasper Bankhead
Rob Reinfurt’s latest project Night Marcher is an homage of sorts to a track from a Medeski, Martin, and Wood record as well as to the band’s spirit in music making. Reinfurt credits them with setting his mind ablaze and lighting the fire of his musical ambitions. To prove that, Reinfurt’s new recording Modern Maze is full of grit, thrangy guitars, redemption, and some nice, crunchy echo.

It’s a strong and quiet soul-rock album. If you’re a fan of Jack White’s, Night Marcher lives in the zip code of that artist. Also a little ‘70s empire rock, the ballads. The production is tight, the pacing is nice, the music is sublime. The guitar on “People Are Screaming Jesus” is particularly memorable. Overall, an excellent experience. There really isn’t a bad track in the bunch on Modern Maze.

Back to that echo, it makes the record sound as though it were recorded in a cathedral-like setting. Reinfurt has been on a personal journey and like any good artist, he’s used it to evolve himself and his music. We get better with each mistake. The sum total of our broken pieces makes us way more interesting than if we were still in our original shrink wrap.

Modern Maze certainly gives the overall effect of holding church. Choose your own god or spirit or nothing at all.



Rob Reinfurt: Guitar, vocals, bass, keys and drums on selected tracks
Austin Nicholsen: Bass
Shaun Thomas: Drums
Peter Adams: Keys

Background vocals:
Aimee Nolte (also, piano on Broken Path)
Val Larsen
Kiki Jane Sieger
Corrine Gentry

Production: Rob Reinfurt
Engineer: David Peters


Broken Path
Holy Ghost
Chin Up
People are Screaming Jesus