Night Herons: Relevant Noise

By Hugo Wise

Night Herons’ Relevant Noise is an atmospheric whopper of an album, packed with ballads, rock anthems, and riffs fans have come to expect. Founder Dana Berry returns with his Lou Reedesque vocal style, his lyrics looking back and forward all at once.

The tracks have been inspired by many life events, including Berry’s sobriety. Berry faced off with his alcoholism and came out the other side with newfound wisdom only this sort of struggle can produce. His lyrics demonstrate how that choice, albeit positive overall, is no easy feat. Some days you’re a wise man, other days, you’re wallowing in a pit of despair. Holding it down in the middle is the trickiest part.

The strength of the Night Herons is their honesty and ability to tell the truth without being an absolute bummer. It’s okay to see things in the harsh light of day, but it’s also perfectly fine to let the mind wander and dream. There’s a lot of celebration on the album.

Relevant Noise’s charm also lies in its attitude. It has that organic soul of the garage, but still maintains a thrashy rock grit with a bit of glam. Fun, furious, and reflective. A nice balance.

Relevant Noise Track List:
1. Compromise
2. Fighters & Lovers
3. Blurred
4. Wildfires
5. Sunflowers
6. Glaciers
7. Let Me In
8. Feels Like a Breakdown
9. 2×2
10. Blue River
11. Bad idea
12. Stay Awake
13. Razorblade
14. 10.000 Women
15. Overload

Night Herons: Mike Assenzio, Dana Berry, and
Larry Huene


Dana Berry – Vocals, drums, guitar
Mike Assenzio – Guitar
Larry Huene – Guitar, drums

Producer: Dana Berry

“We recorded the tracks in our rehearsal studio in Oakland with a few condenser mics and some Shure 57 & 58’s run through a Mackie board into an old interface. We enlisted friend and audio wizard Mark Gordon to mix the album. He took the flat tracks to another sonic level and got the sound we were looking for, somewhere between the Stooges, Stones and Matthew Goode. Thank you Mark!

We would also like to thank Dave Leonard, Mason Holding and Brad Assenzio for their contributions playing bass and Shea Breaux Wells for her vocals on Let Me In.” — Dana Berry