Nick Lamb’s Two New Singles Hit the Sweet Spot

By Lyle Lister

Two singles. One pure and unique sound, all belonging to singer songwriter Nick Lamb and you’re going to enjoy them both.

Lamb has launched two tracks that perfectly capture his steady musical style and artful way with plain spoken words that pack an emotional punch.

The first featured single “Simple Man” is Lamb’s everyman ballad about a guy who is happy with a life filled with priceless accomplishments, loving and providing for his family. His soulful voice carries the song straight to the heart.

“There is something to be said for a good man, a simple man who just wants to fall in love, raise a family and take care of them,” Lamb says of the “Simple Man”

Lamb’s second single “Gettin’ High Off You” is a love letter to his wife, but you can borrow it to tell your significant other just how much they mean to you because Lamb’s put in the work for you.

Lamb’s shout out to his lady love is about as alt rock as it gets with his gravely voice ripping along on the waves of a fast-paced melody. Excellent tune.

Nick Lamb’s love of life is a thing of beauty and respect. Pass it on.

Nick Lamb – Vocals, guitars, bass
Steve Harding – Bass
Johnson Zhang – Drums

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