Nic Nassuet’s Eleutherios

By Lip Parsons

nic-nassuetIf you’re on the hunt for classic rock ballads, Nic Nassuet has just the thing. His brooding new stringed rock record Eleutherios brims with dark and lush themes. It’s a pure gothic folk record to be sure. Serious but not over wrought, the record certainly is a shining example of Nassuet’s work and unique style.

There’s grit in meaning but not in the production. Josh Riccio does a superb job as each track on Eleuterios is nicely balanced with fine tones. There’s a big screen quality to the album as well. Very much in the vein of the new thriller/horror foreboding. That soundtrackish vibe is most echoed on such the soulful acoustic track “Goodnight, Goodbye” and rich and heavily stringed “Black Dress.”
Nassuets talents as a music smith stand out most on “She Rides Moonlight.” A haunting and beautiful track.

Even if goth or acoustic metal or gothic folk aren’t your thing, that’s fine. The record stands on its own as quite a nice listen.

Stand out tracks:
“When It Falls”
“The Giver”
“Goodnight, Goodbye”
“Black Dress”
“She Rides Moonlight”

Nic Nassuet (guitars and vocals) and Catrina Grimm (vocals), permanent members.

Live Line Up:
Edward Hong – Violin
Cat Arthur – Bass
Nic Nassuet – Guitars and lead vocals
Catrina Grimm – Background vocals and percussion

In studio, the following musicians have contributed:
Josh Riccio – Percussion, background vocals, and effects
William Sewart – Violin, bass, viola and cello

Production:  Josh Riccio, Sing Engine Records

When It Falls
Black Dress
She Rides Moonlight
Goodnight Goodbye
The Giver
The Nothing
Cross and Crown