Nemo James’ The Minstrel

nemo-jamesFor most of this life, Nemo James played for everyone else, and now he plays for himself. James, who had a successful music guitar supporting artists such as Tom Jones, Petula Clark, and Cliff Richard, has stepped back into the studio to produce a highly personal record. The 17 tracks on The Minstrel that could be seen as an intimate tour of James’ musical life.

The artist started out eeking out a living in pubs in his native London. But his talent was undeniable and soon he was one of the most sought after session guitarists in the business. James saw the world from many stages, and now he’s got the benefit of time and experienced to recount those moments.

The artist released an autobiography in 2001, Just a Few Seconds, recalling his journey from struggling musician to playing for world leaders. The Minstrel serves a sort of musical companion to the book. If you’re looking for a complete picture of an artist, both offer an intricate journey into the creative mind.


Nemo James – Guitar
Chuck Sabo – Drums
Nemo James – All other instruments (software)

Nemo James

The Minstrel Tracklisting:
1. Dreamer On The Run
2. The Poet
3. The Minstrel
4. Pride
5. I Wonder
6. Forbidden Fruit
7. In The Garden
8. It Really Doesn’t Matter
9. Love-In-Your-Heart
10. A Simple Love Song
11. I Hated What I Found
12. Marie (Where Are You Now)
13. A Woman Unknown
14. Little Tin Box
15. Sing For Your Child
16. The Wheels Go Round
17. Rosemary and Time