Nate Paladino Is Your Wicked ‘Good Boy’

Nate Paladino knows his way around some lyrics, navigating with a prankster sense of humor. Funny, poignant and crass, Paladino’s latest EP Good Boy verges on the cynical but pulls back in time to remind us that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Good Boy is a lot of fun.

“My Kind of Bitch” is excellent and should be played at your next romantical outing with your partner. Or not. It depends on his or her sense of humor. I find it wildly entertaining.EP Cover

“Buy Your Heart” sounds like a song Jimmy Buffett would write if this were the 80s and he was hanging out with Lyle Lovett and there was a Halliburton of white powder within reach.

With a definite 50s at-the-hop swing, “Don’t Say Maybe” is the backseat rockabilly send up you’re craving in 2014. Plus, I think Charlie Feather’s ghost was in the studio that day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can’t tell if Nate Paladino is having us on. Is Good Boy his time travel back to a past he most belongs to? Or is he just ballsy enough to put his EP out there as a straight on piece? Does it really matter? A guy from Orange County can any kind of artist he wants to be, I reckon.

When I played this for a friend, he said that he found sincerity in the nostalgic sound but loved that there was a question of whimsy or even bullshit. And this is what makes Nate Paladino’s Good Boy hypnotic.

“Buy Your Heart”

“I’ll Be Gone”

Good Boy Tracklisting:

1. My Kind of Bitch
2. Buy Your Heart
3. Don’t Say Maybe
4. Come Back Home
5. Something to Prove
6. Friend in Need

Members/Instruments: Nate on guitar/voice, Jon Hyrkas on drums, Frank Fermi and Anthony Shadduck on bass, Steve Maggiora and Danial
Kirkpatrick on keyboard, and Lauren Anderson, Sydney Endicott, and Madeline Bukaty on background vocals.

Production: 50/50, half at Rec Room Recordings with Scott Flammer and half at Red Room Recordings with Daniel Kirkpatrick.