Nashaat Salman Universal Melodies Vol. 1

By Ben Talle

“Summer Night Joy”

Nashaat Salman’s musical speciality is painting an exotic landscape. The film and multimedia composer’s new record, Universal Melodies Vol. 1, is a four-track travelogue through sunny climes, balmy nights, and horn-ladden romps.

Salman’s work is exotic and definitely cinematic. There’s an infectious beat to each of the tracks on the album. “Dancing Star” being the most mainstream while also remaining mysterious and a lot of fun. Chasing is a spacy agey track you’d find in many films from the ‘80s and that is the highest of compliments. There’s so many fun things going on with this track.

The music video for “Summer Night Joy” is a fascinating experience because there’s actually some storytelling going on. Who does that anymore? The nostalgic weaving of a story here works. The heroine has to put up with a pretty jealous boyfriend, especially when another suitor, looking vaguely like Shia LaBeouf, tries to win her affections. She wins in the end, though.

If you need some new tracks for your car trip or meditation rotation, Universal Melodies Vol. 1 is worth checking out. Especially if you’re tooling along a winding road next to the ocean or just weaving through glittering traffic at dusk. Good times.

Nashaat Salman

Universal Melodies Vol. 1 Production:
Nashaat Salman – composer, orchestrator, keyboardist, pianist, arranger and producer.

Universal Melodies Vol. 1 Tracklisting:
1. Summer Night Joy
2. Dancing Star
3. Chasing
4. Dancing Start (Radio Edit)

All music composed, arranged and produced by Nashaat Salman
Recorded in Zurich Switzerland.
Track No. 1 mixed by John Barrett (Abbey Road Studio)
Track No. 2,3 and 4 mixed by Blake Eisman

All tracks mastered by Universal Mastering Studios (UMS)