Nashaat Salman: “Unforgettable (feat. Lakita Bagwell)”

By Castio Guerrerra

Nashaat Salman makes music on the side. Well, the artist is a film and multimedia composer as well as an instrumentalist and orchestrator so there’s that. In his latest single, Salman captures love and longing. He leaves the nature of the relationship up to the listener.

“Unforgettable” dips and soars as Salman’s melody is carried along by Lakita Bagwell’s ringing voice. It’s a full-bodied piece and a testament to Salman’s sense of cinematic aesthetics.

The accompanying video tracks a young woman remembering a loved one. She carries the memory of the person with her throughout a cold day in the city. There are warmth and joy in the recall. She comes home to retrieve a gift from the beloved, a plant she was given and placed upon a mantle.

The song could be seen as sad or uplifting and/or all of the shades in between love and loss. In any case, “Unforgettable” is a universal anthem.


I know you’re there
In the shiny days of spring
Where your dreams can fly
Without a broken wing
And if the sun is never shining
I think of all the lights
That you have left for me
In the darkness of my nights

Long and long
I flew with broken wings
But the verses of your song
Let my heart always sing
When the sun is never shining
I think of all the lights
That you have left for me
in the darkness of my nights

I sing your song
Again in many ways
In all the summer nights
For there our memory stays
Cause I wanna say I miss you
So much and miss that smile
That lights up all my ways
Throughout my lonely days

Sometimes I feel
The tears of autumn leaves
Throughout a rainy eve
With all the pain it leaves
When again the sun is shining
I feel your breeze around
Embracing all my days
With every light and sound

Someday our dreams come true
The lonely days and nights will fade away
The sun will always shine our rosy ways
We’ll be standing strong again

Your words will last
Forever inside my heart
As rainbows in the sky
For every smile and cry
Like a bird song melody
With an ever lasting rhyme
And that’s how you remain
To be unforgettable

Nashaat Salman – Composer, orchestrator, keyboardist, pianist, arranger, and producer
Key performers Strings sections:
Maria Grigoryeva – Violin, viola
Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva – Cello
Ivan Myasnikov – Double base

All music composed, arranged and produced by Nashaat Salman
Lyrics : Nashaat Salman
Vocal feat. Lakita Bagwell
Recorded in Zurich Switzerland
Tracks mixed and mastered by Chris Wonzer